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Indemar Industriale S.p.A.

IB-431216 Push-pull cable for joystick light duty with spheric connection

IB-431216 Push-pull cable for joystick light duty with spheric connection

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The push-pull cables produced by Indemar Industriale are made with the highest-performing materials on the market, ensuring maximum product reliability. Each cable is 100% tested to verify project parameters such as load, elongation, and efficiency, guaranteeing a very high quality standard in line with all ISO9001 directives.

An important advantage for the customer is the possibility to purchase custom-built cables, both in terms of load capacity and terminal configuration.

Indemar Industriale thus confirms itself as the ideal partner for manufacturers of operating machinery, tractors, agricultural machinery, and in the automotive sector.

The main characteristic of push-pull cables is their extreme flexibility in adapting to different application sectors, such as agriculture, industry, marine, and automotive. Essentially, a push-pull cable consists of an outer sheath, an inner cable within the sheath, and two terminals that allow the cable to be connected at both ends.

Plastic materials used are selected to adapt to various environmental conditions, while metal parts are made of stainless steel for the marine sector and steel or zinc-coated iron for the industrial and agricultural sectors.

If you don't find the right lenght, please contact us for more options!

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